Last night on “Masterchef” the winner was crowned, but first there were three home cooks, Leslie, Elizabeth, and Courtney, and their first challenge was to prepare an entrée that would be judged by 50 chefs, each from a different state.  And of course they would not be working alone, at random they broke fortune cooks and inside was the name of the eliminated home cook that would assist them.  Courtney received help from Daniel and Willy; Leslie got Ahran and Christian; and Elizabeth wound up with Jaimme and Victoria.

Team Leslie from the get go was in sync with Leslie taking charge and the cooking being done expeditiously, Elizabeth also appeared well on her way to producing an excellent dish, but Courtney appeared flustered and not quite in sync with her assistants.  Then plating time arrived and while the first two were well putting the finishing touches, Courtney waited to the last minute to start plating and finished just in time.  The dishes were served to the 50 judges who analyzed every morsel, and critiqued every component, then a winner was declared and this was Elizabeth who took her place up in the balcony and awaited for the one she would face in the finale.

That meant that Courtney and Leslie would face the Pressure Cooker test, -incidentally that would be Leslie’s seventh time-, and they were to prepare a cheesecake, a Boston cream pie cake, and a key lime pie, and they would have two hours.  Courtney appeared to have the advantage since her specialty is baking and from the get go was organized and certain of her every move, whereas Leslie, seemed flustered and argued with himself, slipped and fell, and just overall was frazzled, and kept on arguing that this was not his forte.

Then the judges tasted the finished products and praised Courtney’s Boston cream pie cake, preferred Leslie’s key lime pie, and because Leslie put sugar rather than salt in the sponge a mistake that apparently is common when making three cakes at the same time; Leslie met his end and that meant Courtney was the second home cook in the finale.

And then it was time for the two finalists to cook before the judges, previously eliminated home cooks, families and audience, each gave it their all and somewhat talked trash about the other’s dish, and Courtney was a clear winner in the appetizer round, the entrée was very close, and the dessert was the icing on the cake, -no pun intended-, and after much deliberation, praising both cooks, and suspense that even lead Elizabeth’s husband to faint, the judges declared that the winner of “Masterchef” was Courtney.  Great finale, congratulations to Courtney for an awesome season and from the very beginning, she appeared as the one who would eventually take the grand prize, Courtney Lapresi wish you the best of luck in everything you do, and once again congratulations. Recaps and episodes can be watched online at

“Masterchef” runs on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.


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