Last night on “Big Brother” following the reset and everything going back a whole week, the HOH competition was repeated and this time Caleb took the win.  Frankie who thought he had the final four in his power, now found himself with his game on someone else’s hands.  Cody was static because he has wanted to evict Frankie for a very long time, and now the opportunity is at hand.

Derrick is an awesome player and without getting desperate always manipulates everyone to do his bidding with such subtleness and carefree attitude that it boggles the mind no one has caught on and dealt with him; however, Derrick is a very likeable guy who has not been mean to anyone and has played as honest of a game as can be expected in this type of competition.

Victoria on the other hand is just a pawn, who believes herself to be playing an excellent game, when in all truth she is just being used due to her inability to win any competition, but keep in mind that after last night’s game Frankie was put on the block and without him knowing, he is the target this week, that means that Victoria might just make it to the final four, and how funny it would be if she won a Head Of Household competition then and surprise everyone; an occurrence that is not unlikely at all.

Caleb who is afraid of Frankie’s ability to win competitions was skeptical about putting this one on the block and dreading Frankie winning POV and thus the following week coming after him.  But Derrick and Cody assured him that they would win POV, keep Frankie on the block and vote him out this week.

Last night those who have been evicted returned for a luxury competition, all of them competed to win $5,000, and with those still in the game watching them on a television monitor and deciding which player would win and if so, then he or she winning the same amount as well, nevertheless, had to endure the evicted houseguests trashed the house as they searched for pucks to be placed on a board.  It was hilarious, of course for those not having to clean up the mess that was left behind, but at the end of it all, Hayden won and Victoria who had predicted him as winner also received $5,000.

The reunion that will follow the winner being declared will be undoubtedly the best one yet, as houseguests dish out the dirt and those they lived with for so many days, and the revelation of secrets that were kept from most will be amusing, such as Team America’s missions, and what they all have said about each other during confessional time; this has been an uneventful, but interesting season.  There are five houseguests left and the end is near, and if everything goes as it should, then the winner without question has to be Derrick, never on the block, friends with everyone, intelligent, caring, and above all not ruffling any feathers; awesome player.  Recaps, episodes, and information on this show can be found at

And due to football on Thursday, “Big Brother” will now run on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.



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