Last night on “Utopia” the epitome of insecurity and the desire of some individuals to be accepted somewhere no matter where was at an all time high.  Dave, -the ex-convict-, from the get go had displayed an aggressive attitude that alienated everyone, and made other utopians feel uncomfortable and even unsafe.  On the first day, he had talked down to Jonathan the pastor and put down this man of the cloth beliefs, and later together with Red –another one who wants to be heard despite having nothing of essence to say-, took their share of the money and proceeded to buy the type of food they so desired rather than budgeting and finding a common place with the others with a more diplomatic and sensible attitude, instead they stepped on some canned goods.  It was an absurd display of insecurity wanting to create discord in the camp and supposedly creating their system of government and unsuccessfully tried to recruit others to join them in their Utopia State of Freedom.

But Dave feeling alone and rejected decided he should seek Jonathan’s assistance and began to believe in the bible…This is only four days after having put Jonathan’s beliefs down.  Jonathan also wanting to convert others, so that he can feel worthy and find solace in numbers took it upon himself to preach to Dave.  But not having a true sense of self, Dave decided on Friday night to leave Utopia, -it is evident that he is so uncomfortable in his own skin, that he can’t find peace anywhere-, and then wrote a letter to the Utopians asking to be taken back, but if they did not allow that, then at least allowed him back to be baptized by Jonathan…Desperate search for something on the outside, that really is within him, a need to realize that peace is found by coming to terms with one’s errors and correcting them, because there is only one life.  The majority of Utopians agreed that Dave is a bomb ready to explode and that danger lurks when he is around, thus, bringing him back was turned down and only allowed for him to return and have the religious sacrament imparted.

Then there is Bella, another person to wishes to shove her survivalist beliefs down everyone’s throat, speaks without letting anyone comment and once the other retorts, she proceeds to accuse them of having an attitude and just interrupting her, her condescending nature and her delusional belief that Josh, -the contractor who finds her to be obnoxious-, is actually interested in her beyond just being fellow utopians; annoying and disturbing.  Bella is another utopian whose departure will cause celebration and not only in Utopia, but also for those watching this interesting new social experiment.

Also, two new arrivals came and only one can stay in Utopia, the two ladies explained what they will bring to Utopia if allowed to stay and the 13 original settlers discussed the pros of each of the new arrivals, and the name of the one staying will be revealed on Tuesday night’s episode.  Kristen, one of the new arrivals, is perhaps the wisest choice, because she apparently has the knowledge to make money and this they need to continue building their society, because the original $5,000 they received is now down to a little over $3,000 and as everyone knows money is always an issue and is required for them to acquire certain necessities.  Recaps, episodes, and information on Utopia can be found at www.fox.com/utopia

“Utopia” will run this week on Tuesday and Friday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.



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