Last night on “Project Runway” the designers were surprised by being told that it was time for an avant-garde, which means a design that is mostly about the artistic view of the designer, instead of a garment that would actually be worn.  But, there was a twist, the models would not be walking down the usual runway, instead it will be a rainway; and luckily for them they received two days to complete the challenge.

Then it was time for sketching and they had 30 minutes to do so before going to Mood where they could spend up to $300 each.  The ideas were just out of this world as the designers sketched and spoke about what they plan to do, than as Tim Gunn did a walk through, Kini whose umbrella skirt looked fabulous, was given praise and so did Sean who in theory had a fabulous idea and if it worked then he would wow everyone, but if it didn’t then the whole thing would fall flat; there was no room for error in Sean’s design.  Other designers just seem to have an idea, however, what they were showing did not appear as to be amounting to much.  Fade seemed lost and as he put it, uninspired by the entire challenge.

And then it was rainway time, and Kini’s design was different, elegant, dramatic, and innovative, and then it was Sean’s turn and his design did exactly as expected just as the water touched the material, this brought out colors within the dress; awesome job.  Then as the designers lined up on the then dry runway, Amanda, Char, and Alexander were called forward and told that their scores were good enough to move them forward in the competition.

That meant that among Korina, Sandhya, Emily, Sean, Kini, and Fade were the best and worse. Kini was praised for his creativity of creating an umbrella for skirt which is the first thing that pops to mind upon hearing rain; Sean was also given high marks for his innovation and creativity of such dressed displaying colors as the rain descended upon it; Sandhya was also given props although there were some mixed feelings about her design that was on the verge of being a disaster, nevertheless, managed to pull off something that was her own and innovative.  And in the bottom were Korina, who was saved only because she had immunity, but her design was just blah; Emily was also criticized for designing something that appeared similar to something in the past; and Fade was judged on a design that lacked any sense of being avant-garde with no real story and just too simple.

And for the first time ever, there were two winners of the challenge Sean and Kini, because the judges were deadlock in a 2-2 vote and they both indeed earned the win. And the judges decided that Fade was to go home, and that is sad because he has a lot yet to say, unfortunately it only takes one mistake to be eliminated from this competition where second chances are scarce. Recaps, episodes, and information on the show are available at

“Project Runway” runs on Thursday at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime.


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