Last night on “Ink Master” the artists were first informed that they would need to airbrush a pin up girl on their naked canvases, and each canvas had details as to what their profession was and thus the clothing would need to match accordingly.  And then of course followed the many ohs and ahs, complain here, complain there, and complain everywhere.  Jason ultimately received top paint for the details of the cutoff shorts he painted on his canvas, however, and much to his chagrin he was informed that the challenge was not over, and he was upset at not receiving immunity or advantage for the elimination tattoo. 


The Elimination Tattoo challenge then followed and this consisted of tattooing the pin up girl they have just airbrushed onto a human canvas.  And they were off to the races and from the get go some augured disaster in what they were doing, others were just confused and a handful were certain of their work.  But again the judges have final word and aside from Emily, Cleen Rock One, and Josh, the artists received bad reviews and feared elimination, but at the end the top tattoo was named and this was Josh, whose tattoo was beautiful and for a moment it seemed as though looking into a white and black photograph of a beautiful girl, and at the bottom were Tim, Robbie, and LT.  And this was an interesting bottom three, because the first two have over ten years of experience each practicing their craft, whereas LT has only been doing for a little over a year. 


Their rivals were also called to sit and observe, and their tattoos scrutinized and ultimately it was LT who was told to pack up his tools and close shop.  It was an interesting episode with Robbie and his brother/rival Jayvo who went at each other’s throat and voiced their lifetime struggles to deal with one another and the ordeal of dealing with their family, that according to Jayvo, Robbie disregarded completely in order to pursue his dream of being a tattoo artist.  And Robbie talked down to his brother, claiming that the other is just jealous and unable to reach his, Robbie’s, level in tattooing due to his inability to follow his dream and not kiss up to the family.  Yes, indeed, the dirty laundry was washed outside the house, but this show if fascinating because just such spur of the moment breakdowns where these artists are so passionate and into their craft, that they have no qualms about talking and divulging themselves to others at a moment of weakness, not because they seek attention, but because they are truly passionate and intense.  No holds barred, insults are thrown and received, the critiques are painful even to watch as the judges tear these artists work apart when the errors are palpable, and of course they are quick at praising when this applies.  True artistry, and the personality that comes along with a lifetime of pursuing what few can understand, most dread, and the artist can’t live without; pursuit of a dream.  Recaps, episodes, and information on Ink Master can be found at


“Ink Master” runs on Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on Spike.


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