Last night on “Masterchef” the top five home cooks received a visit from their loved ones and these were asked to name the dish they prefer from their beloved home cooks.  And then the cooks were asked to elevate that dish their loved ones enjoy to a restaurant type of dish.  The home cooks then were told that with their loved ones they could run in the pantry and get the ingredients needed to produce their dish. 


And the cooking ensued and all cooks were eager to be on top right before their loved ones’ eyes, but only three dishes were on top and first was Christian, who prepared gumbo in only 60 minutes, was praised for a successful dish, Courtney who elevated the simple macaroni ‘n cheese was also given high marks, and Elizabeth’s meatballs were also praised by all judges and ultimately got her the win. 


Then it was time for Elizabeth to walk into the pantry with the three judges and find out her advantage, first she would not cook and second would decide on the type of meat each of the other cooks would have to use and prepare an outstanding dish, the choices were between ox’s heart, veal brains, lamb’s tongue, and buffalo testicles.  She decided to give Leslie the tongue, Christian the brains, Cutter the heart, and trying to throw a wrench in the cook she fears the most, gave Courtney the testicles. 


Then judgment time arrived and first to be critique was Christian who did not receive favorable reviews for his brains being dry and the pasta not being up to par along with the sauce that was not tasty according to the judges.  Courtney once again came out on top with the protein that Elizabeth thought would put her in the bottom.  Cutter was successful in his preparation of the heart, and Leslie was not given many compliments for his tongue.  The bottom two cooks were, Leslie and Christian and because of the dry brains and unsavory pasta and sauce, this last home cook was sent home. 


The top four cooks were then to be divided in two teams of two, and Courtney who was the top cook on the previous challenge would decide on her partner and by default then, the other team would be decided and she chose Elizabeth.  The teams received two crates, one from each state of the four cooks left, and containing ingredients most commonly used in that part of the country, Courtney & Elizabeth chose Pennsylvania and Leslie & Cutter chose Texas. And they all were off to cooking, and without exceptions each team had issues agreeing on what and how they were cooking, and first team to be judged was the Red Team made out of the two ladies and the dish was not well received and they both were scolded for doing such a poor job at that point in the competition, amazing how well they cook individually, but in teams is a whole different matter, then it was time for the Blue Team and both men were equally given low marks for a dish that lacked in everything, so by a slight margin the Red Team came out on top, and that meant that both men would have to go into the Pressure Cook test and use ingredients from the crate to prepare three different dishes that were chosen by the judges, a risotto with sea urchin, chef Bastianich’s choice, chef Elliot’s chicken tandori, and chef Ramsay’s blue fin tuna salad, and all three dishes would need to be served simultaneously while keeping in mind that each required different timing in preparation. 


And at the end of the night, because of Cutter’s under cooked risotto and poorly cut tuna, he was eliminated and so the top three cooks that will compete for the grand prize next week are Courtney, Elizabeth, and Leslie; it will be a battle for the ages because all three have been on top throughout the challenges and proven that each one individually is a force to be reckon with.  Recaps and episodes can be watched online at


“Masterchef” runs on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.


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