On Sunday night the premiere of the highly anticipated and intriguing social experiment/reality show began; yes, “Utopia” has begun.  First the Utopians are introduced, 14 individuals from various walks of life, each with his or her ideals, priorities, and beliefs, they are all placed on a secluded location with limited provisions and habitat, with the goal of them ultimately creating a new society. 


Is it a fascinating concept? Absolutely. Will this show revolutionize television? Yes, it will.  And as a matter of fact it is reminiscent of the movie with Jim Carrey, “The Truman Show”.  But unlike Truman, these people chose to take part in this experiment and they are fully aware that their every move and conversation is being taped and recorded and all without exception being broadcasted for the entire world to see. 


It is a humbling experience because an open mind must be had in order to watch this show and not be annoyed when one of the characters takes it upon him or herself to take center stage and preach their beliefs or point of view to everyone as though said principles should be law from that moment forward.  For instance Jonathan a 44 year old pastor, who holds on to the bible and prays at every chance, and despite making it clear who he is and what he is about, still must respect others’ differing lifestyles and opinions.  And that brings up Hex who is a professed Atheist and yet, these polarizing personalities were able to have an intelligent conversation and respectfully agree to disagree.   And then there was Josh who rubbed everyone the wrong way by talking over others, putting other people’s opinions down, and finally drinking to the point where he did not know what he was doing, disrespected some of the women, specially Hex, who just about knocked him down, and for that reason was considered for banishment on the second day of their stay.  However, after a mock trial, and Josh expressing his apologies and assuring such behavior will not take place again, he was put on probation and allowed to continue in the experiment. 


And then there is Bella, who just won’t be quiet about her survivalist ideas and her desire to clean the entire earth, and perhaps go back to the days of caves for homes and leaves for clothing.  She cries at the drop of a hat and changes her mind in the blink of an eye, in a ten-minute interval she wanted Josh to stay, but then decided she wanted him out, and then again she liked him and was glad he stayed.  She wants to be there, but then she does not…So on and so forth.  Red a handyman and moon shiner felt that Aaron who is a chef was a threat to his well being and for a while consider leaving Utopia, but was talked out of it by Jonathan, and Dave, -this is an ex-convict who has formed an unlikely friendship with the self-professed hillbilly-. 


Dedeker is a free spirit who believes in being naked and yet listens to everyone and doesn’t try, yet that is, to shove her ideals down anyone’s throat.  And then there is Amanda who finally admits being pregnant, however, is not in a relationship with a man; which of course did not go well with Jonathan, but it will be fun to watch a baby being born in “Utopia”, she is due between November and December; now this alone makes this show worth watching.  Then there is Rob a patriot, who is loud, rude, and just a nuisance, cusses left and right because he has nothing really of substance to say, therefore, trying to cover his lack of perspective with an aggressive and disturbing language that alienates just about everyone.


Now all these people are to live for a year and create their own society, every month a person will leave and new Utopians will arrive, by the way it is worth mentioning that these 14 new Utopians are yet to decide who will be the 15th person to join them.  Recaps, episodes, and information on Utopia can be found at www.fox.com/utopia


“Utopia” will run this week on Tuesday and Friday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox, but its permanent slot will be Tuesday at 8 p.m.




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