On last night’s episode of “Project Runway” the designers walked in to hear the next challenge and there stood Tim Gunn among Chopard jewels all individually encased in glass, and they were told that their challenge was to create and extravagant dress suited for the piece of jewelry they chose.  Sean who won last week, again, -incidentally thanks to Kini-, was first, and then the others proceeded as Tim Gunn drew names at random. 


Then came a surprise as the designers sketched in the workroom and Tim Gunn walked in, and he appearing distraught and close to tears advised them that something was weighing heavily on his heart and Char who was eliminated last week came from around a corner, and Tim proceeded to tell her that he opted for using his one save for her, everyone cheered and Char in tears thanked him for the second chance.  The other designers were ecstatic until they realized that the one lifeline was gone and they could no longer expect to be saved in case of an error.  It was quite hilarious to watch them all, smile while in the back of their minds lingered the apprehension of the one last hope disappearing before their eyes. 


Then their trip to Mood took place and all designers chose the material they felt would give them the top look, and Korina of course, wanting to be on top as usual, -unsuccessfully so far though-, believed her choice would rise her to a level of greatness.  And for this challenge she chose an upholstery fabric to make a dress, because she decided to make a coat instead, -it must be kept in mind what the challenge is a dress that would suit a Chopard piece of high quality and luxurious jewelry-.  Samantha worked on something that looked as any dress that has been many times over, and Alexander with a busy fabric and forcing it to drape around the model’s body; just did not appear as a look that would be on top, and Amanda chose the same that earlier in the competition could have sent her home had she not had immunity.


The jewels are gorgeous pieces that the designers are not allowed to handle themselves, and first up Korina, a dress too dark and hides the jewelry she chose that by the way is mostly dark and after all, she created a coat and not a dress, and a coat is not what a person wants to highlight at a gala or party.  Fade was next and his dress although pretty and elegant perhaps a bit too simple for a gala and to match with such lavish jewels.  Char was next and her look did compliment the jewels and the dress was sleek and gorgeous.  Emily followed and her dress appeared crooked at the neckline, and rather unfinished, overall it did not look appropriate for a gala or party.  Samantha was next and the dress seemed familiar, pretty but definitely seen before. 


Kini was next and the dress did not look as anything out of this world, instead he draped a see-through material to try and elevate a rather commonplace look.  Sandhya followed and her look was not anything one expects to see at a gala, perhaps someone outside looking in, but not a guest herself unless she covets a spot on the worse dressed list.  Sean was next and his look was gorgeous and classic, the necklace though rested on the material, and a necklace of such quality needs to rest on the bare skin so it is highlighted. Amanda was next and there was no extravagant look anywhere, just something thrown together at the last minute, apparently not giving the jewelry a second thought. And Alexander followed and his dress look fascinating in gray wrinkled taffeta with a gorgeous neckline that highlighted the ruby necklace.


 And then it was time to face the judges and those asked to take a step forward were Fade, Emily, Char, and Sandhya and these received scores that qualified them to move on to next week, and the remaining six designers had the best and the worse looks.  And surprising of course, the top looks belonged to Amanda, Korina, and Sean that meant that on the bottom were Alexander, Kini, and Samantha. The winner of the challenge and who would receive the last immunity for the remainder of the season was Korina, who was praised up and down for a dramatic look that according to the judges highlighted the jewelry.  Amanda along with Sean was also on top.  And then it was time for the ones at the bottom, Kini was saved and so was Sean that meant that Samantha who tried to play it safe was sent home.  Recaps, episodes, and information on the show are available at


“Project Runway” runs on Thursday at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime.


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