On last night’s installment of “Big Brother” the houseguests were surprised with the news of double eviction time.  But first it was time to decide the fate of those on the block Nicole and Victoria.  And with a unanimous vote as it has been throughout the season; Nicole was evicted from the house, again.


Then it was time for the Head Of Household competition and it took only one question for Derrick to win and thus decide who would be going home, immediately Victoria was informed of her nomination just as a pawn, while the true target, Christine, was once again deceived and lead to believe she was among the finalists. 


The Power Of Veto competition was next and with little effort, Frankie won and decided not to use it and respect Derrick’s nominees.  There was celebration between the Bomb Squad for making it this far and their certainty that upon eliminating Christine, only Victoria remained and upon this leaving they, The Bomb Squad, would be the only ones left standing as they had originally planned.  This was a season of obvious, no surprise evictions, that make this show interesting, no one ruffled any feathers and created chaos, it was pretty much like watching a soap opera where it is obvious that the main characters would be saved, otherwise the show would have to end. 


And then it was eviction time, and Christine was voted out, and she was awesome walking out of the house not hugging anyone who had lied and deceived her, now, that was the highlight of the night.  No matter if it is a game or not, it is very condescending when those who are lied to, upon being evicted give hugs and profess love for those who just lied and deceived the newly eliminated houseguest. There was a surprise revealed last night that being that if a reset button is pressed everything that has taken place for the last week would be erased, thus, those on the chopping block could wind up as being heads of household.  It is an interesting twist that might not happen in the house and season of safety and predictable. 


It is obvious now to predict who the next person evicted will be, unless she wins the Head Of Household competition, which is very unlikely, and that person is Victoria who has floated by week after week, just about every week been on the block, but only as a pawn.  And then, Frankie will be the next one out that is if all goes according to plan by the Bomb Squad, who will be the two standing before the jury? Not surprising they might be Caleb and Derrick.  And based on those two choices, the probable winner will be Derrick, who has played a flawless game of deceit and manipulation without flaunting it and above all without making himself appear as more intelligent than all others and annoying those watching by giving himself props.  Recaps, episodes, and information on this show can be found at


And due to football on Thursday, “Big Brother” will now run on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.


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