Last night the best season yet of “So You Think You Can Dance” came to a close, with the four finalists, -Ricky, Zack, Jessica, and Valerie- performing various routines, some their favorites and others the judges.

There was excitement for what would be the outcome, Zack had grown by leaps and bounds throughout the competition and his performances had left everyone wanting more from this outstanding dancer. Jessica, who during Las Vegas week had to dance for her life and successfully moved further in the competition had left judges, audience, and viewers alike mesmerized with her talent and boundless passion. Valerie a tap dancer also tackled routines that until then were foreign to her, and achieved knowledge and grown into the hearts of everyone watching her week after week. Ricky, wow, he had without exception throughout the competition been on top, no matter the routine, or choreographer he mastered everything that was thrown to him, and his humbleness, talent, and drive had captured America’s heart.

It was a fabulous night of routines that would remain in the minds of those who enjoy this show, to single one out would be uncalled for, because all in their unique way left all watching astonished at the talent just witnessed. There were of course highlights of this season’s favorite moments and dancers who had for a brief moment captured everyone’s attention, but unfortunately were unable to master certain routines and for that reason were no longer in the competition. It is sad to see this season end, and there can only be hope that another is in the works and new dancers whom to cheer for, and more routines that leave everyone watching mesmerized, humbled, and full of joy for having witnessed greatness.

It was time to name the dancer in fourth place and they all lined up, while judges, audience, and viewers sat on the edge of their seats, and Zack was the name read and a recap of his season ensued, in third place was Jessica who was touched by the support she had received, as well as the knowledge she had acquired from judges, choreographers, and dancers alike. And then suspense as Valerie and Ricky stood awaiting to hear the name of America’s favorite dancer and this is; Ricky. The room erupted in a collective roar of cheers and applause as everyone stood to celebrate the victory of the one dancer that had worked so hard and never disappoint, always, week after week being at the top and receiving praises from the judges. Congratulations to Ricky for an outstanding season, wish him the best that life has to offer and a successful dancing career and may he always remain so humble and centered, which are the virtues that make him such a fabulous dancer.

And once again there can only be hope that “So You Think You Can Dance” will return next year with fascinating auditions and outstanding choreographies under the guidance of such outstanding choreographers Recaps, episodes and information on the dancers can be found online at

“So You Think You Can Dance” runs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.



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