Last night a new season of no holds barred critiques and holier than thou attitudes began, yes, “Ink Master” is back again, and this season the level of competition was risen to a new level with rivaling tattoo artists in the real world competing now on a national stage for 100 thousand dollars, a feature on Ink Master Magazine, and bragging rights of being the ultimate tattoo artist, and in addition to that get the chance to shut the mouth of 17 other artists among whom is a rival with whom bad blood reigns. 


The first challenge was none other than for the two rival artists to tattoo the same canvas in tag fashion, and obviously they all were disgusted at having to work with the one person they disliked the most.  One advantage is that their human canvases were open, meaning any design was acceptable.  And then it was judgment time and Oliver Peck, Chris Nunez, and Dave Navarro sat at their table ready to rip some artists to shreds, if they did not deliver, and the bottom teams were Lt & Ty’Esha; Mark & Ryan; and Caroline & Julia.  Now they were to assign their rival the style that would send them home, the human canvas again was open. 


It should be mentioned that Emily Elegado stood in the back giving those at the bottom hell, by making fun of them and expressing her enjoyment at watching them squirm trying to stay in the competition, and Joshua Hibbard who was outspoken and annoyed just about everyone in the competition during his season, at least for last night remained silent and appear more focus and in control.  LT has only been tattooing for two and a half years, yet talks down to everyone and predicts that he will be sending everyone home and be the only left standing, well he was at the bottom last night, so it will be interesting to see how he fares in the long run. 


Once the elimination tattoos were complete the six artists stood before the judges and up first was Caroline, who again painted a skull that was dull, and the rose look flaccid an overall unappealing tattoo.  Julia was next and her tattoo although not perfect had some detail that made it interesting.  Mark who painted a sea turtle, lacked color and overall it looked as though there was something missing.  Ryan was next and the black on the hair was not solid and indeed the chin looked curved although the face called for embellishment, there still needs to be some kind of reality.  Ty’Esha was next who received cursive lettering and although she claimed it is the first thing an artist learns in tattoo school, perhaps she missed the class, because the lines were not straight and there was some bruising in the skin surrounding the tattoo.  LT was next and his tattoo did not look real, it appeared rushed and not appealing at all.  The judges would then name the winner for each team and those were LT, Julia, and Ryan, but Chris Nunez told LT “that he won only because a winner had to be chosen, but the lesser of the two evils was not clear”. 


And then it was time to have the first artist close shop and go back home, and this was Caroline who just seem lost missing her family and crying, now she can go back and be happier perhaps.  Recaps, episodes, and information on Ink Master can be found at


“Ink Master” runs on Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on Spike.


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