On last night’s episode of “America’s Got Talent” the last group of 12 acts vying for a spot in the finals gave America a lot to cheer for and think about as far as votes are concerned.


The first act to perform was Jonah Smith and he was passionate, intense, and with stage presence showed everyone watching how a headline act should perform.  Next was Baila Conmigo and although they are fascinating in their dancing, still every time they perform they do the same thing all over again, no innovation.  Jaycob Curlee was next and he has performed great in the past, however, at this stage in the competition he needs to bring more to the table than he delivered last night, he might be in trouble after the votes are read.  Mat Franco, the illusionist/magician was mesmerizing last night with an act that brought the house down, and even if you are not a fan of this type of entertainment, kudos need to be given to this act for being innovative, taking a great risk and delivering flawlessly while being charismatic and spectacular. 


The next performance was by Acroarmy and they were mind-boggling and wonderful in an act that had chills and thrills with heart-pounding music and acrobatics that left everyone on their feet.  Kelli Glover was next and immediately the 70’s came to mind in a stage that screamed disco, and her performance was indeed lackluster and left much to be desired.  Then it was time for the last act saved by a judge and Wendy Liebman was Howard Stern’s save and she delivered a funny and self-assured performance that had everyone laughing with hilarious one liners and underlying cynicism that makes her an original and without doubt a contender for the grand prize.  Blue Journey was next and although interesting, the act was too slow and for a moment sleep seem to overcome those watching.


Next up were Emil & Dariel a duo that incorporates cello playing in rock music and once again they rocked the house with an outstanding and original performance that undoubtedly people would pay to watch.  Smoothini was next and he was outstanding during audition then his performance while among the top 48 he fell somewhat short, nevertheless, moved into the top 12 and last night did not disappoint with an act that was outstanding and captivating.  Christian Stoinev was next and during audition he was a novelty, then in order for the audience to be enthralled he included his dog, now all of a sudden he tried to include magic in his act, and another dog, this act is danger of going home.  And then it was Quintavious Johnson turn to close the night and his voice seem flat at first, then towards the end of the performance he took off and once again left the audience on their feet.  Tonight the votes will be tallied and six of these acts will move on to the finals, it will be heartbreaking for some because several of them have earned a spot in the finals.  Recaps, episodes and contestants information can be found online at


“America’s Got Talent” runs on Tuesday at 9 p.m. and results are announced on Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC.


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