On Sunday night’s installment of “Big Brother” the conclusion to the Head Of Household competition that began on Thursday concluded with Caleb winning, and Derrick, so certain that he would not be a target choosing instead to fill the jar that would give him five thousand dollars and five thousand hollas. 


This season of “Big Brother” has been quite predictable, and those aligned have done away with those they felt would affect the alliance’s ultimate game play.  There has not been a time when votes have been split but instead everyone has gone along with the majority and without much ado the week’s targets have been ousted, unless for some stretch of the imagination and some luck they managed to win the Power Of Veto, that by the way Donny managed to avoid for some time, however, last week his luck ran out. 


It would not be surprising if Derrick winds up winning the ultimate prize, he has manipulated and without putting himself in the spotlight has managed to vote out those that could at the end prove to be an obstacle on his way to being the last houseguest standing.  This week for all intents and purposes is Nicole, who was voted out, then managed to return to the house, but her social game and ability to win physically has proven to be her downfall, and she appears as naïve and out in limbo unaware of when to say something and when it is best to keep her mouth shut.  Christine is a floater, she has aligned herself with the strong players in the game, but in truth has not been a power house in competitions, nevertheless, talks a lot and backstabs every chance she gets.  Victoria is like a big lump just sitting there unable to win, or even come close to winning anything, she whines and cries, but other than that there is nothing there worth mentioning. 


Frankie has talked a lot and his time is near, once he goes on the block and unless he wins the POV, he will without doubt be walking out the door.  That leaves Cody, Caleb, and Derrick, and among those three is the winner, who will it be will be interesting to find out, regardless, though they all have played a great game; however, Caleb was a nuisance with his inability to realize that Amber did not want anything to do with him, and now his delusional belief that he can read people and know what they are about is laughable and mind-boggling.  And if there is something to look forward to in this season, other than watching the winner be crowned, will be the reunion and just about everyone finding out truths that have remained hidden, as far as identities and true personalities, for instance Derrick’s real profession of being not only a cop, but undercover cop at that. Recaps, episodes, and information on this show can be found at


“Big Brother” runs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT, Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT, and Sunday at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.


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