On Thursday night’s installment of “Project Runway”, the designers met Tim Gunn who walked along with the beautiful and avant-garde designer Dita Von Teese, and they were told that the challenge was to be in pairs and they were to create an unconventional wedding and reception dresses.  It needs to be pointed out that earlier, Amanda was called a phony by Korina, and this last designer would do herself a favor by not worrying so much about others, but rather concentrating on designing clothes, which apparently she forgot is the entire premise of the show, and not passing judgment on others.  However, she seems very insecure and only such behavior can lead those who suffer it to point fingers to others and criticize them, in reality just trying to bring everyone down to their own level.  Korina might be trying to win this season by bringing everyone down and perhaps have them bow out of the competition…Unlikely, she would do herself justice by grabbing a hold of her talent and creating according to what she initially presented to the panel and for which she was invited to participate in the competition. 


The teams then were chosen at random and they were Fade & Emily; Alexander & Samantha; Kini & Sean; Sandhya & Char; and the person Amanda did not want to work with, turned out to be her partner Korina. During the walk through to see how the designers were progressing Tim Gunn was not impressed with any design, except for Amanda’s that he called innovative and turning out to be beautiful and Korina on the other hand received harsh criticism for something that did not look original and she had much work to do in order to impress the judges and not wound up being eliminated.  And for Sean & Kini who were designing dresses for a gay wedding, and such concept indeed raised the challenge to a new level of unconventionality that Tim Gunn praised them for and was excited to see the final product. 


And then it was runway time and the first designer was Kini and although the dress was beautifully constructed, the ruffling at the bottom rather than elegant, just seem busy and out of place; Sean who had immunity, created a look that did not rise up to the level of reception post wedding for the bride, but rather something she would wear any day of the week on her way to work; Alexander’s dress was elegant and dramatic, and his partner Samantha created a dress that was also innovative elegant and sexy; Korina was next and her outfit immediately brought to mind sailor who re-imagined uniforms and Amanda’s dress was beautifully designed, innovative and her point of view clearly stated; Emily followed and her dress although elegant seem to dark, then again it is all a matter of state and what is innovative for one, could be blah for another, Fade’s was beautiful and original and he can be proud of his point of view; Sandhya was next and the dress was flawless in creation, but the bright yellow just screamed Big Bird all over and then it was Char also a bright yellow that looked unpolished and not finished up the standards this competition demands. 


The judges however had the final say, and they told Amanda & Korina their scores qualified them to move into next round, and the top looks were Sean & Kini and Fade & Emily and that meant that Sandhya & Char and Alexander & Samantha were at the bottom.  Sean & Kini won as the top look and Sean was the winner in the group, but it must be mentioned that Kini sawed the top of Sean’s outfit and this only created the pants, so Kini in actuality won the challenge, but of course Sean did not mention this.  And as far as bottom looks ultimately it was Sandhya & Char and the latter was eliminated from the competition.  Recaps, episodes, and information on the show are available at


“Project Runway” runs on Thursday at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime.


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