On Tuesday night’s episode of “Face Off” the makeup artists were sent to the iconic Sony Pictures Studios and there they met McKenzie Westmore, who stood near a tea party and underneath the rainbow created in honor of the all time favorite movie The Wizard Of Oz. They were told that the Spotlight Challenge will be in pairs, so they chose their partners and then they were told what the challenge involved and that is creating a character from The Wizard Of Oz that has fallen down the rabbit hole and wound up in Alice In Wonderland. Then they were to find out their characters by lifting a cup, first George & Drew got Wicked Witch Of The West; Dina & Stella will alter the Winged Monkey; Cig & Damien received Scarecrow; Rachael & Keaghlan will do makeup on the Tin Woodman; and Jason & Sasha got the Cowardly Lion. 


Then it was time for sketching and deciding on the concept, the teams were all in sync regarding the story behind the alteration, but Sasha and Jason were not on the same boat and Jason wishing to lean more on the creepy side and Sasha wanting to be whimsical, that by the way was to be bottom line for the challenge, went ahead with Jason because she was unable to voice her opinion due to her inability to be confrontational, something that seems counterproductive in an industry where the competition is relentless and points of view must be declared loud and clear in order to be heard; such meek attitude can be her downfall. 

And just as renowned makeup artist and mentor on the show Michael Westmore and daughter and host of “Face Off’ McKenzie Westmore went around the workroom to see everyone’s progress; Jason was told by Mr. Westmore that the lion’s makeup needed to be whimsical and not pussycat looking as it appeared then and the colors, Jason was thinking about, were too realistic, instead of what the challenge called for colorful, bright, just as it would be in Alice In Wonderland.  It was as though, Jason had not listen to a singe detail of the challenge and with blinders on opted for his own conception regardless of the consequences. Sasha on the other hand tried very hard to put her spin on the makeup that called for much playfulness and brightness, realism and creepiness was never two adjectives used to describe the challenge. 


And then it was time to present their finished products to the judges, first up was Dina & Stella’s Winged Monkey and as far as shape it looked whimsical and fun, but it lacked color on the face; Sasha and Jason’s Cowardly Lion was next and did not look whimsical, but rather something that went wrong during makeup in a horror show; Drew & Georges’s Wicked Witch Of The West was outstanding great expression of disgust and somewhat evil overall appearance; Keaghlan and Rachael’s Tin Woodman’s make up was outstanding, so good that the head piece looked indeed as though made out of tin; and  Cig & Damien’s Scarecrow just as they feared screamed mask rather than makeup. 


The judges first spoke to Drew & George and told that their color scheme did not meet the challenge, Cig & Damien were called clever as far as the colors, however, there was so much that the face got lost, Stella & Dina were praised on the most successful merging of both worlds, next up Sasha and Jason and they were told that the makeup begged for more whimsicality in colors and facial expression which was mask like without movement and nothing to do with the challenge’s parameters, and then it was Rachael and Keaghlan’s Tin Woodman and their creation was praised for the cleanliness of the work and the overall creativity. 


The top two teams were Stella & Dina and Rachael & Keaghlan, the winning team was Stella & Dina, and Dina was the overall winner of the challenge, and in the bottom were Cig, Damien, Sasha, and Jason, and Jason ultimately was sent home because he missed the mark completely.  Recaps and episodes can be watched online at www.syfy.com/faceoff


“Face Off” runs on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on SYFY.




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