Last night on “Masterchef” the remaining top seven cooks received letters from their beloved family members, which gave them one more push to continue on their way to achieving the grand prize.  And for the Mystery Box challenge they received apples and were told that their challenge was to create a dish that would wow the judges, but the dish could not be or have anything to do with dessert. 


The home cooks were inspired by the messages from home, but one message was resounding and uplifting, the words came from Willy’s grandmother; she wrote “Your attitude determines your altitude”, five simple words forming a profound and distinctive advice. And the cooking began with all cooks eager to win since they are only seven and they would receive an advantage for the elimination challenge, and once they were finished three were called forward and their dishes praised by the judges, Christian, Leslie, and Courtney. 


But there could only be one winner and once again Courtney took the accolade and she was directed to the pantry where she was instructed on her advantage, this time she would not choose what the others would prepare, instead she would decide on how the three teams of two would be paired up and as they all cooked the always fascinating, tasteful, and delicate Din Sum, and she would not be cooking either. 


She went ahead and paired them based on how they get along and how well their cooking styles differ from one another, Christian & Willy, Leslie & Jaimee, and Elizabeth & Cutter. They pretended to be happy with the choices, but in reality no one was comfortable with whom they would have to cook and not alongside but in a tag fashion.  And from the get go Leslie & Jaimee had a communication issue, with Leslie yelling and Jaimee appearing lost, Willy felt humiliated by Christian’s loud commands, and Elizabeth tried to advice Cutter, and this seem to be moving along well.  Leslie & Jaimee had the most trouble throughout the challenge and were the first to be called forward and present their final dish and to the surprise of all received praise on presentation and taste.  And the other two teams on the other were just tore up by the judges and scolded for presenting a sub par dish at this stage of the competition.  Leslie and Jaimee were thus the winners and Elizabeth and Cutter by a very small margin were saved, that meant that either Christian or Willy would be going home, and Willy who has been cooking fabulous dishes unfortunately was eliminated last night.  Recaps and episodes can be watched online at


“Masterchef” runs on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.


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