This is a new drama starting on September 17 on Fox, and for 100 hours the pilot of “Red Band Society” is available online at This is a show worth mentioning even before it premieres because of its originality, its intelligent writing, and the characters, which are real and believable.

These kids with different backgrounds and differing illnesses come together in a hospital because they share something; they all suffer from a life threatening illness. The story is told by Charlie –Griffin Gluck- a 12 year old boy in a coma, and despite the vegetative state can still hear and smell everything which leaves room for hilarious comments he makes on those visiting his room. Leo –Charlie Rowe- is the undeclared leader of this group and his insightful comments and strong belief that despite an illness that might kill him, he believes life must be enjoyed and no matter how broken his body might be his soul will always remain intact. Dash –Astro- yes, indeed Astro from The X Factor, suffers from cystic fibrosis but refuses to accept defeat and goes through life inhaling every breath with gusto and making sure to enjoy every minute of life. Emma –Ciara Bravo-, a beautiful and intelligent girl whose eating disorder keeps her from being as successful as she could be seems to be in love with Leo and this still confused about what that would mean pretends to dislike her by making fun of her foibles. There are some new arrivals one is Jordi –Nolan Sotillo- who despite not having an appointment seeks treatment from the only doctor that can save him, a shy uncertain boy of 16 that can only be liked, and then Kara –Zoe Levin-, a cheerleader that feels the world belongs to her and everyone else is just visiting suddenly learns that her heart is failing and she realizes her own vulnerability.

The adults supervising this group of extraordinary kids are Nurse Jackson –Octavia Spencer- a lovable character who gives tough love to all and everyone, but in truth has a heart of gold and no one can help but love her and feel for her as she watches this kids fight for their lives, but at the same time must keep them in control and not give in to all their reckless behavior. Dr. McAndrew –Dave Annable- is an outstanding pediatrician who along with Nurse Jackson tries to save this kids lives and understand their fears and coming of age nuances. And then there is Nurse Dobler –Rdebecca Rittenhouse- just stared working in the hospital and must learn the ways of these brilliant kids who try to bend and break the rules every chance they get.

“Red Band Society” is without doubt one of the best shows that will be on television this fall, the characters are great and the storyline is fascinating and yes, indeed a tear jerker that will require viewers to have a box Kleenex nearby. Pilot and information on the show can be found at

“Red Band Society” premieres on September 17 on Fox.


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