On the morning of January 29, 1986 as I drove from Los Angeles, CA to San Diego, CA, I fell sleep, my car overturned and rolled across five lanes resting on the right emergency lane of of the 5 freeway.

I was in a comma for two weeks and two weeks semi-conscious, upon waking up I was required to learn everything that is common to us all on a daily basis, walking was my biggest challenge.

I learned from that experience that we all have control over ourselves and that the decisions we make will dictate the path that must be followed. Nothing, nor anyone was involved in my insistence on driving for 3 hours on a daily basis, disregarding the need for rest and insistence that I knew better and that nothing could happen to me. I, therefore, suffered the consequences of my actions, and I alone had to endure long hours of therapy and the frustration that at 22, I was not able to function as I had before.

But if I were to go back would I do anything different? No, I would not because that would make me someone else then who I am and that could be even worse. Because then I would need to rewrite my entire history and how can I redo something when I am the one who made the decisions that ultimately brought me to writing this and assuming responsibility over my own existence.

I started writing at 28 and ever since that novel I began has been my primary objective. I have written many drafts, several points of view have been used, and characters have come and gone. Now, I am working on what will be the final draft, I realized the point of view had been all along the primary challenge.


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