Last night the 12 designers were given the challenge of creating a red carpet dress for none other than Heidi Klum; Amanda who was the winner last week would have immunity, but still that is every designer’s dream: to dress a celebrity.

They all receive a dozier of dresses Heidi has worn to various events and although she is not particular about a specific form or style, still she wants something that’s chic, fashion forward, and innovative. The get to sketch, visit Mood and then to the workplace to start putting their dresses together and Tim and Heidi visits them, and they all receive bad initial reviews and told to make it work, because so far none of them seem to have a winning look. Sandhya is told her outfit looks more like what they use to wear in the show Dynasty back in the 80’s, Korrina’ s design made of a dark green material referred to as boring and told to remove the snake trimming around the waist, Mitchell also isn’t praised but pretty much told to scratch the entire idea and start all over again.

Heidi and Tim return to the workroom and, she expresses her concern for all the outfits that are just not up to par and yet the designers have no more material to work with, so they are given the chance of going back to Mood if they so wish and a $100 to shop for what they need and they are only given 20 minutes. And several of those who before were desperate and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the additional shopping time and money did nothing to resolve their trepidation.

And then it was runway time and first designer was Char and her design was beautiful and elegant without question a red carpet look that would wow everyone; Emily was next and the top of the dress looks elegant; however, it is too short and not fashionable; Mitchell followed and the bottom of the dress seems to tight and it shows by the short steps the model takes while walking; Korrina came next and her dress looked boring and unpolished.

Next up was Fade and his dress flows beautifully and his point of view is clear while being innovative; Alexander followed with a dress that looked wrinkled in the front and once the model turned the skirt was so short that it left very little to the imagination; Sandhya who took a second trip to Mood and got money from those who chose not to go, created a dress that was original as she has done throughout the competition, but also elegant and worthy of being on the red carpet; Samantha was next and her creation was indeed elegant and original and it just looked well tailored.

The next designer was Kristine and her dress looked horrible on the front with the model’s breasts an inch away from busting out and the rest just not well tailored, it looked rushed and unpolished; Kini who always finishes before everyone and has time to spare created a look that was elegant and sophisticated but perhaps a bit too dark for Heidi’s taste; Sean was next with a bright blue color that was elegant and well tailored, but it brought to mind the roaring 20’s; and then there was Amanda who had immunity and her dress was without question Amanda’s, her point of view well in sight, it looked elegant and well tailored.

And then it was time for the judges to pass judgment, but first Alexander, Sandhya, Fade, Char, Samantha, and Emily, and they were told that their scores had qualified them to move onto the next round, and that meant that those six designers remaining had the best and worse looks. Kini was praised for an impeccable design that hugged the models body perfectly and was just flawless. Amanda was also praised, but Zac Posen did tell her that “the trimming gave it a curtain look”, but overall her design received high marks. Kristine was told her creation was not impressive showing too much breast, but the paneling on the skirt was given high marks. Mitchell was told that the entire outfit looked bad, as far as the slit down the skirt and the sewing in the back looked rushed as well as the zipper. Sean was praised for the originality of the fringe in the dress and the exquisiteness of the color. Korrina was told that her dress looked old fashioned with a long train that need not be there, and the dress altogether looked like a cliché.

And the winner of the challenge was Sean, who by the way was almost eliminated last week, also saved were Amanda and Kini, and in a surprise turn Heidi announced that one or more could be out and first one out was Mitchell and then Kristine as well was sent home, and Korrina was told that she was barely safe. Recaps, episodes, and information on the show are available at

“Project Runway” runs on Thursday at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime.


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