Last night on “So You Think You Can Dance” the top six dancers were made to work for a spot in the top four and final next week. They were to perform three different times, one with a fellow dancer, another with an all-star, and also showcase their solos.

The first couple was Valerie & Ricky who were partners before and now reunited in a Broadway routine choreographed by Spencer Liff, and the dancing with graceful, sweet and full of love as it needed to be; Ricky and Valerie are fascinating whether together or separate, and it is amazing because Valerie did not appear at first to be a contender; however, she has listened to the judges, taken their advise and grown a lot as a dancer and it shows by her being in the top six. Next two dancers to be reunited were Jessica & Casey in a Disco routine under the guidance of Doriana Sanchez and their lifts were outstanding with ease and yet exemplifying the intensity and fun disco demands from its performers, and to imagine Jessica had to dance for her life back in Las Vegas, but she has fought taken the advise given and now she is among the top six, outstanding performance last night.

And then there was the first solo of the night and it was Ricky in a Contemporary number and he was mesmerizing with impeccable dance moves that could not be any higher, more crisp, or any greater than he showed. The next two dancers reunited were Jacque & Zack with an American style Foxtrot choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux and their dancing was fluid and elegant, very entertaining, these two dancers are outstanding when they get together. Jessica’s solo was next and her extensions are just awe-inspiring with such passion and fluidity and no one can take their eyes off this wonderful dancer.

Next up was Valerie with all-star Twitch in a Hip-Hop routine choreographed by Will “Wildabeast” Adams and Valerie got funky and kept up with a routine that is far from her comfort zone, without question an outstanding performance by Valerie once again. Casey’s solo followed and his moves are so beautiful, with impeccable extensions and such passion in the face, he is also a fascinating dancer that has grown by leaps and bounds as this competition moves from week to week. Valerie’s solo came next and she was also astonishingly quick on her feet, just fascinating, so difficult to have a favorite at this stage in this competition because all dancers are unique in mesmerizing in their own way.

Next routine was Jacque with all-star Will in a Contemporary dance choreographed by Sean Cheeseman, it was entertaining, however, seemed to careful and lacked a wow factor that has been the common denominator not only throughout the season, but specially last night with all performers seeking one of two spots in the finale. Zack’s solo was next and he was very entertaining, but the other two dancers lingered as though perhaps they are just a bit stronger and more fluent to move on to the final.
Jessica was next with all-star Aday in a Hip-Hop routine choreographed by Ray Leeper and once again in a different style of dance Jessica rocks the house and with other steps and custom still manages to leave everyone mesmerized at her talent. Jacque’s solo was next and although she has had an overall good response throughout the evening, this time she was not that fascinating.

Next up was Ricky with all-star Anya in a Cha-Cha choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux and once again he was outstanding in a different genre, nevertheless, giving it his all and taking charge. Casey was next with all-star Mackenzie in a Contemporary routine created by Stacey Tookey it was a heartfelt performance, beautifully choreographed. The next routine was Zack with all-star and season 10 winner Fikshun in a Hip-Hop routine choreographed by Phillip Chbeeb and they depicted drawings rather than dance moves, to say interesting is to put it lightly.

And then it was time to find out which two guys and which two girls would be moving on to the grand finale and those Jessica and Valerie, and from the guys Ricky and Zack. The finale will be fascinating and the best one yet in this talent fill and sensational show where week after week audience, viewers, and judges alike are left mesmerized. Recaps, episodes and information on the dancers can be found online at

“So You Think You Can Dance” runs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox


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