On Tuesday night’s episode of “Face Off” the make up artists were taken to the Wildlife Learning Center in Los Angeles, and introduced to exotic species of animals that were not only rescued, but also given a place where they can roam and thrive. The Foundation Challenge consisted of each artist choosing two different animals and merging them in a credible make up that would reveal a new species.

The artists would have three days to complete their Animal Hybrid make up. Drew who chose the red fox and squirrel monkey wound up with a believable hybrid. Dina was next with her hybrid of red fox and prairie dog, and immediately the thought of anime cartoon, the head was too small. Keaghlan followed with Eurasian lynx and kinkajou, the entire make up was believable and the color outstanding.

The next artist was Cig with a species of armadillo and alligator combined and as usual he went big and turned out a fascinating makeup that showcased his talent and amazing abilities. Damien followed with tawny owl and coatimundi, the combination was beautiful and believable, this artist has been in the bottom three times already and last night hoped to redeem himself and he most certainly did with an incredible makeup. George, who by coincidence chose the same animals as Cig, armadillo and alligator created a makeup however, that was not impressive, it was enough to keep him safe though. Sasha was next with her combination of tawny owl and bobcat and she was not pleased with her creation; however, the judges praised her for an outstanding job. Jason followed with fennec fox and red-tailed hawk the color scheme just did not seem plausible, too much pink on the face and then the beak a bright yellow and black that seemed more like a mask meant to cover the nostrils from toxic fumes.

The Animal Hybrid Challenge continued with Stella and her kinkajou and serval wildcat creation and the makeup seem as though the animal was injured and the fur was not believable. Doc was next with his bald eagle and squirrel monkey hybrid and the makeup was more like a human fighter pilot who emerged from a plan wreck with his face burned. Rachael followed with fennec fox and coatimundi and the final product was believable, however, no outstanding. And then it was time for the judges to take a closer look and their words were promising to some, while others not so much, and after this six names were asked to take a step forward those were Sasha, Doc, Stella, Cig, Keaghlan, and Damien.

Those six represented the best and worse, ultimately Damien was declared the winner and along with Sasha and Cig they were at the top last night, and that meant that one out of the other three would go home, and Doc was the artist to be sent home because of a makeup that missed out on all aspects of the challenge. Recaps and episodes can be watched online at http://www.syfy.com/faceoff

“Face Off” runs on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on SYFY.



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