Last night on “America’s Got Talent” the final 12 acts in the quarterfinals performed in hopes of getting one of five spots remaining for the semifinals, and all acts gave it their all, some were fascinating, and others just do not appear to have room for innovating and making their act a headline show in Las Vegas.

The first performance was by Bad Boys of Ballet, yes they were fun, but not electrifying as such an act needs to wow audiences on a nightly basis, then came One Voice Children’s Choir and despite the voices being great, it does lack that awe-inspiring factor. Next up was Jonah Smith great voice, nerves seem to be getting to him; nevertheless, the performance was outstanding and this act has much room for improving and without question headlining a show.

Next group of performers were Dom the Bom’s Triple Threat in the audition yes, they were entertaining, but not impressive at all last night much less worthy of a one million dollar prize. The next act was Extreme and they were entertaining, however, such large group of performers seems to add something that will be new and exciting for it to engage an audience, and they did not have it last night. Then came Emil and Dariel were next and they were electrifying and fascinating using violoncellos to perform a rock song, it is innovative and original and last night they rocked Radio City Music Hall.

Mina Burri followed and indeed her contortionism is amazing, but can anyone sit through a long drawn show those headlines this performer twisting her body over and over again? Not likely. Quintavious Johnson was next and his voice was mesmerizing, a true performer indeed with stage presence despite being only 12 years old, he can without question headline an act and the room for innovation is there with enough to spare. Mothmen Dance was next and the act was entertaining, but not fascinating, it did not have the wow factor.

The next group of performers were headed by Smoothini who had a great audition and viewers looked forward to watching him again, but last night he disappointed with an act that was long drawn and the conclusion was not spectacular as all expected. Jonatan Riquelme came next and yes, as a novelty act he is outstanding, but to headline an act just does not appear plausible, because balancing on various round contraptions while on a swing cannot be prolonged much. Kelli Glover was the last performer of the night and her voice seem to tremble at times, she was eliminated on a previous season of “America’s Got Talent”, and based on last night’s performance she might not go any further.
Tonight the votes will be tallied and five of these acts will move forward to the semifinals, it will be interesting to see which acts America would like to watch in the semifinals; best of luck to all performers. Recaps, episodes and contestants information can be found online at

“America’s Got Talent” runs on Tuesday at 9 p.m. and results are announced on Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC.


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