Last night on “Bachelor In Paradise” for once there was honesty and heartfelt decisions, not a comment for the cameras during confessional and then a totally different outcome; the rose ceremony was as honest as it can get.

There was much doubt about Elise and Chris B’ relationship, because just last week she was professing love and future marriage between her and Dylan, and Chris B. is categorize as a player who is not serious about relationships. Michelle M. was all about Marquel, and Graham although happy with AshLee, he nevertheless, has issues with her moving so fast and already talking about marriage and family when in reality they just met each other. Sarah just complains about the other girls, primarily Michelle M. who spoke with Robert, upon Marquel going on a date with new arrival Danielle.

Once on the date, Danielle confessed how she has had a crush on Marquel and this although flattered, seemed somewhat taken back by her straightforwardness, back where the others were, Michelle decided that perhaps she and Robert had something going and told Sarah that she would be talking with Robert, and Sarah was all about tears and despair towards the fact that she is not like the other girls and feel inferior. Elise received a date cared, which meant she could ask any of the guys or the guy she has a connection with out on a date to an undisclosed location and she chose Chris B. But before they left he sprained his knee and appeared to be in excruciating pain.

The date went well and they wound up spending the night together in the master suite. And while the others sat around enjoying the evening, a new arrival came in this was Jackie a gorgeous brunette that immediately caught Marquel’s eye, she had a date card and asked Marquel if he would like to go, and he without a second though accepted. Now this date seemed more up to each other’s standards and there appear to be an unspoken connection. But Sarah hoping everyone is as miserable as she continued bad mouthing Chris B. and telling Elise to be careful, and then it was time for the rose ceremony and where two girl would be eliminated and some of the couples were a give, Zach gave AshLee his rose; Zack gave Clare the rose; Marcus gave Lacey the rose and this is the one couple where both participants are spot on how they like each other and how much they want to be together, even during confessional they proclaim the same hopes. Robert gave Sarah the rose, leaving Michelle M. heartbroken and with the assurance that she would be going home, then came Marquel who chose Jackie which was the obvious choice based on what he had said after the date, and then Chris B. who limping took the rose called Elise and told her he was in a lot of pain and could not remain, but hoped she would go with him, and she gladly accepted the invitation, Chris B. still holding the rose gave it to Michelle M. whom he explained also wants to find love and gave her that chance by offering her the rose since Elise was leaving with him.

Micelle M. was taken by such gesture of love and friendship and between tears claimed that no one had ever done such a thing for her, it was indeed an honest episode with no backstabbing, and going back on feelings for one or the other. Recaps, episode, and information on the show can be found at

“Bachelor In Paradise” runs on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.


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