Last night on “Rising Star” six semifinalists battled it out for a spot in the final four for the final next week. And the show was outstanding, the singing heartfelt and a surprise to all who watched the show.

The first singer was Austin French performing “Love Runs Out” and his vocals were outstanding and owned the stage as the mentors had instructed him to do and he received an 81 percent. Next up was Maneepat Molloy singing “Chandelier” and from the get go her vocals were not impressive and the performance was devoid of any stage presence and because of that she received a 27 percent. And then came the surprise of the evening with the always fabulous Jesse Kinch performing “Billie Jean” in an unexpected arrangement just perfect for his voice and tempo, and everybody can say that while he sang the original version of this song was forgotten and all were mesmerized at the awesome talent, vocals, and stage presence; outstanding performance and he received an 83 percent.

The remaining three performers would need to do better than 27 percent and that way eliminate Maneepat who was on the hot seat and the West Coast would save one performer. Then came Dana Williams with “Sunday Morning” and her vocals earned her a 75 percent, which meant that she was now on the hot seat, next up was Audrey Kate Geiger performing “Killing Me Softly With His Song”, her voice is original and unique, at times it seems as though she will not be able to carry the note, however, surprises with her originality, and she received a 69 that did not raise the wall. The last performer last night was Joshua Peavy singing “What Hurts The Most” and although his voice was entertaining and his performance worthy of praise he only received a 72 percent. The final four after last night vote from the West Coast was determined and they are Jesse Kinch with a total of 83 percent, Austin French with 78 percent, Dana Williams with 75 percent, and the West Coast save was Audrey Kate Geiger who finished the night with a 68 percent, beating Joshua Peavy by just 1 percent. Recaps, episodes, and information on this show is available at http://www.abc.com/risingstar

“Rising Star” runs on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.



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