On Thursday night’s episode of “Project Runway” the designers were presented with men’s classic suits and told that the challenge was to design an outfit for a woman using one of the suits as inspiration, and they would be using the suit’s, keep in mind that not only the color combinations were horrendous, but the materials were not the type that comes to mind when speaking of women’s fashion. And Sandhya who won last week received the advantage of choosing first, and then assigning the other designers the suit, she felt the designer would pick him or herself, Sandhya chose to use a purple and yellow outfit that everybody else feared having to work with.

Except from Sandhya who chose her favorite, all the designers had issues with their assigned suit’s material and color. Korina who seems to always have issues and nothing positive to say, last night was at odds with Kristine whose design was similar to what she, Korina, had in mind. And the negative from some designers makes one wonder how in the world they have gotten this far? Hernan kept blaming the fabric he had and the fact that he just wanted to give up. Samantha usually speaking ill of others and criticizing left and right.

And then it was runway time and first was Korina and her design looked impeccable, well tailored, and innovative; Char was next and her look seemed too much with too little; Fade followed and his creation was outstanding in how he juxtaposed the design in such a way that the final product was elegant and new; Samantha was next and her design was chic and elegant, however, there was the question if such had already been seen in a magazine somewhere?

Next was Hernan and his design looked boring and unfinished overall it seemed like an afterthought; Alexander was next and his design wasn’t exciting, it appeared as though he tried hard to be innovative and did not succeed; Mitchell followed and his outfit brought to mind custom in an outer space Halloween party; Sean came next and his entire outfit was just blah, boring, with no effort, no point of view, just something thrown together in the last minute.

Then came Kristine and her outfit looked drab, old, and as though it was taken out of a trunk where old things are kept; Amanda followed and she did manage to pull a trick in the last minute that saved her design that looked elegant and yes indeed, somewhat bohemian; however, she does rely a lot on fringes and straps to create a wow factor; Kini was next and he finished his outfit way before everyone and had time to spare and the final product was elegant, the hem was somewhat uneven and such was not applicable to a dress with so much pattern and already shaped filled; Sandhya followed and her design did not look high fashion but rather something for a day at the beach; and then there was Emily, and her top and bottom looked as though they were from two different outfits that were thrown together to see what they would look like and the gamble was not successful.

Then it was critique time and those standing on the runway were Amanda, Kini, Hernan, Sean, Kristine, and Alexander. The top looks belonged to Amanda, Kini, and Alexander, ultimately Amanda won the challenge, -incidentally that is her second win-. And the designer sent home was Hernan, who talked a lot but did not deliver and of course he felt the judges did not recognize talent and consequently made a mistake.

“Project Runway” runs on Thursday at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime.


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