‘Face Off’: Mad scientist challenge

On Tuesday night’s episode the remaining 8 make-up artists were given the task of creating a victim born out their scientific insanity and depicting a specific tool used in their trade. The concepts were fascinating and grotesque at the same time; the paintwork on most was top of the line. 


After the critiques were over Niko, George, Tyler, and Graham received good enough scores to be saved, and the remaining Chloe, Daran, Rashaad, and Corinne had the top scores and lowest scores.  Once again Chloe was praised for a black and white character that was indeed from the pages of horror movies back in the day and Daran two-faced creation was absolutely gorgeous as far as the idea and execution were concerned, that meant that it was incredibly hideous and scary, so much so that Daran won the challenge. 


That meant that Rashaad and Corinne were at the bottom and it was surprising to see Corinne in that situation since here work up to last night has been impeccable and fascinating, Rashaad has not been at the top often but his work did have just a bit more work and imagination in it; therefore, Corinne was the make-up artist sent home. 


“Face Off” runs on Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. EDT on SYFY.


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