The nation’s capital sits atop of the Andes where it divides into three mountain ranges, central, east, and west.  The air is light, the wind strong and the rain cold, from afar it presents a beautiful landscape of fresh green pastures, blossoming flowers in many colors and varieties, but the closer one gets the picture becomes clearer and what before appeared rustic, then looks decrepit.  It is a place of vast natural resources that could be a major player in the world’s affairs, however, due to a history of corruption, violence, greed, and selfishness that has permeated the core of everyone and thus turned them into jaded and resentful beings that settled in a precarious niche of poverty and uncertainty to amass a lifetime of regret and fear of unrealized dreams and desires.

            Every four years, a new puppet rises out of wealth and privilege to fill the minds of the struggling middle class and downtrodden low-income families, with empty promises of a more prosperous future.

            But in reality, no one can, much less, is willing to change the privilege of which they were born and correct the deceit that is the foundation of their ancestors’ ascent into their high societal status that now affords them opportunity to go out and make false promises just so they can achieve the highest political office in the nation, consequently, the common folk is kept content for a while, or distracted from main issues with a national or international event.  However, at the core of it all there’s the everyday citizen, who day after day morosely step into the rainy and freezing cold mornings to face a routine that despite lacking fulfillment, it is nevertheless based on a safe ground, -relatively speaking of course-.  The middle aged, who have found a comfortable niche in which to settle and stay out of everybody’s way, who look forward to a meager raise that will allow them to keep up with payments for some article that no longer functions properly, or a vacation so far in the past that only fading photographs are all that remain of a brief and joyous moment. Or those, not old enough yet to be contaminated by conformity who dream of marrying that loved one and by that, swear that their lives will be worthwhile and fulfilling.  And then, those still in school, longing of travels and unprecedented accomplishments that will help them escape their elder’s legacy of disdain and frustration.