My name is Igarin, I have adopted this name for my writing.  I was born in a South American nation, however, grew up in Los Angeles, CA.  I now reside in Orlando, FL. been here since 1997, I am married and have four children, enjoy reading, cooking, and of course writing

I am retired from the U.S. Navy, not due to age or longevity, but because of a car accident, -this will be reserved for a posting later on-.  I have delve in many jobs, however, once I began writing my perspective on all that surronds us began to make sense and realized that the written word was my calling.

But as if by default, I am guilty of procrastination and insecurity which has driven me away from writing and instead have pursued from time to time other matters which  turned out to be detrimental for my own well being and my creativity.    I don’t believe that as artists we are bound by a set rules, or a behavior that drives us away from our craft, I believe instead that we try to live what we write, however, if we did prisons’ population would then become unsustainable.

I can find fault in just about anything, and that brings to mind what a teacher said to the class as I attended a writing course, she said “anyone can write like Samuel Beckett”, I was dumbfounded, first of all can anyone say “plagiarism”, and second of all, why would anyone want to create like someone else, where would the talent and creativity be then?